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Apply to MDiv Program

Before you begin, please read carefully and print out the instructions below.

For technical questions regarding the application process, please contact us at 615-343-3963 or via e-mail to

Checklist before beginning application:

  • Transcripts from each college and/or university you have attended
  • Three letters of recommendation (see below for details)
  • Complete essays for Statement of Purpose section (see below for prompts)
  • A resume, required if you have not pursued formal academic studies for 3 years or more.
  • All admissions are issued pending our receipt & approval of the results of the applicant's background check. Download the Vanderbilt Background Check Authorization & Release form , fill it out and send it to the address below:

Vanderbilt Divinity School
Office of Admissions
411 21st Avenue South, Room 102
Nashville, TN 37240

Click here to access the common graduate school application to apply to the MDiv program. (Step-by-step instructions may be found below.)

Please make the following selections from the program menu to apply to the MDiv program:

 MdivYou will be required to create an account in order to initiate the application. Upon completion, you will be able to access an application status page, which will inform you of the status of your application. There is no application fee.

Please note the following as you complete the application:

  • In the Academics section, please list all colleges and/or universities you have attended (undergraduate and graduate). Unofficial transcripts will suffice for admission, but official transcripts must be provided in order to matriculate into the degree program. First term grades of graduating seniors must be received prior to an admission decision. After submitting your application, you will be prompted to upload unofficial transcripts for each college or university you have attended.
  • In the Recommendations sections, please provide a minimum of three (3) references who can comment on your qualifications for the program and degree to which you are applying. At least two references should be from professors who can evaluate your academic work. If you have been away from formal academic studies for 7 years or more, you may select any three persons who can evaluate your academic potential & professional accomplishments.
  • In the Test Scores section, please note that the Divinity School does not require test scores.

However, international Students should report in this section results from either the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) OR the International English Language Testing System (IELTS). Applicants whose native language is not English must achieve a minimum score of 600 on the paper test, 250 on the computer-based test, or 95 on the internet-based test. The minimum acceptable score for the IELTS is 7.0. Scores should be sent to institution code 1871.

  • In the Statement of Purpose section, please upload a file, or type or copy-and-paste in the available field responses to the four questions listed below. These questions are also listed on the page for the Statement of Purpose on the application.  Fully developed essays are required, although there is no page or word limit.  As a general rule, we recommend at least one, double-spaced page per question and not more than 3-4 double-spaced pages per question.  The Admissions Committee will evaluate clarity of thought, written expression and substantive content. 
        1. Please describe your background (education, work experience, volunteer work, and/or relevant personal experience) and how your background has prepared you for graduate theological study.
        2. What are your hopes for your theological education and why, in particular, do you want to study at Vanderbilt?
        3. What do you perceive as the challenges and rewards of ministries (congregational and other), religious studies or theological scholarship for you?
        4. Reflect on a theological book, issue or idea that has recently captivated you, highlighting its connection to your own theological development in relation to religious congregations, the academy and the world.
  • After completing the application and submitting it, you may access the Application Status Page. This page will keep you updated as to the status of your application and the outstanding requests for transcripts and references.

This section is also where you upload the following materials:

      1. Unofficial transcripts (including first term grades for graduating seniors) for all colleges and/or universities you have attended.
      2. A resume, whichis required if you have not pursued formal academic studies for 3 years or more.
      3. If you are a transfer student, upload a)a letter stating the reasons for transferring & (b) a letter of good standing from the president or dean of the theological school from which the transfer is being made.
      4. If you are an international student, please upload documentary evidence that you have sufficient financial resources to meet the expected costs of your educational program.

Upload these in the following section:


  For technical questions regarding the application process, please contact us at 615-343-3963 or via e-mail to