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External Funding Sources

External Scholarships will be applied to your Financial Aid package and can be a useful resource for decreasing or eliminating your student loans.

Fastweb  Fastweb is an individualized scholarship search engine that matches candidates with potentially applicable scholarships.

CollegeBoard  CollegeBoard is a college-based scholarship search engine that matches candidates with particular university scholarships.

FinAid   FinAid is a guide for students with questions regarding scholarships, loans, savings, military aid, and other financial aid queries.  

The FundFinder   Supported by the Forum for Theological Education (FTE). Provides information about financial resources for theological students. Sources of financial assistance in the FundFinder can be searched alphabetically, by keyword, and by specific categories. They include aid offered by various church denominations as well as particular resources for women, racial ethnic minorities, undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, postdoctoral, and international students.

Vanderbilt Honor Scholarships for Graduates provides graduate research fellowships specifically for Vanderbilt students.

Denominational Scholarships for students listed according to each denomination's affiliation. 

Phillips University Seminary Scholarship Program for Phillips University graduates wishing to attend a seminary with ties to the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).

The Forum for Theological Education (FTE)  The Forum for Theological Education offers some fellowship and funding opportunities through the FTE Leaders program, as well as resources for those considering theological education.

UCC Scholarships for Seminarians offers a range of scholarships for students in the United Church of Christ.

Action Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty  Provides merit-based scholarships to emerging leaders who demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between religion and politics, government, and economics.

The Bob Sharp Scholarship of Fairfield Glade United Methodist Church support students in a theological school degree program who intend to pursue parish ministry in the Tennessee Annual Conference of the UMC.

The Soros Fellowship Program honors and supports the graduate educations of 30 New Americans – permanent residents or naturalized citizens if born abroad; otherwise children of naturalized citizen parents -- each year.

Stegall Seminary Scholarship Endowment Foundation provides scholarship support for United Methodist students from the West Florida-Alabama Annual Conference.

Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee Scholarships are available for particular schools and areas, particular programs or fields of study, and for others who need financial assistance.

The Tennessee Women's Scholarship Directory provides information on how to find and fill out scholarships along with links to National, Nontraditional and Tennessee specific scholarships for women. 

Point Foundation (LGBTQI students)   is open to students who identify as LGBTQA.

Justin Haruyama Ministerial Scholarship for Japanese or Japanese-American seminarians.

Scholarship Search Secrets:    This site provides guidebooks for Scholarship Searching. offers additional information on scholarships for women attending theological schools .