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Distinguished Alumni/ae Award

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Distinguished Alumni/ae Award 

Vanderbilt Divinity School and the Graduate Department of Religion recognize distinguished alumni/ae whose accomplishments and contributions have had a broad impact and positive effect in various forms of ministry and scholarship.

The Divinity School award is given to someone who has demonstrated excellence and distinction in justice making through their work in congregational ministry, religious institutions, ecumenical organizations, community –based organizations, government, or other social institutions.

The Graduate Department of Religion award is given to someone whose scholarship, teaching, or research has advanced the understanding of religion and its formative impact in the world.

The 2014 award receipients will be recognized and given their award in conjunction with the 2014 Cole Lecture Series, October 2-3, 2014.

 Past Distinguished Alumni/ ae Award Recipients

Rev. Dr. James Lawson                                                                       

The Rev. Dr. James Lawson, D’60

Rev. Dr. Fred Craddock

The Rev. Dr. Fred Craddock Jr., Ph.D’ 64

Rev. Dr. Gardner Taylor

The Rev. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, Oberlin BD’40


The Rev. Charlotte Hotopp Zachary, Oberlin BD’57