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Imagination Grant

In addition to coursework, students also have opportunity to apply for an imagination grant. 

These grants seek to advance global learning, theolog­ical reflection, and leadership skills and support creative, non-credit bearing projects proposed by students.  The funds ($250-$2500) can be used to cover travel and expenses for global immersion experiences, and are typically utilized during summers.

Typically, we fund 5-7 proposals each year.  Recent projects have included:

1)     A study of our Lady of Guadalupe among the Nahuatl people in Mexico.

2)     An photographic exploration of the Diasporic experience of Black women, including those from the West Indies and Africa, living in Brooklyn, NY.

3)     A comparison of two international intentional faith communities: one in Iona, and the other in Glasgow, Scotland.

The Imagination Grant program invites students to take their theological imaginations on a journey, and to think more deeply about the effects and consequences of globalization on religious life and practice.  The application for the program can be found here.