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Student Government Association

Student Gov

Divinity students and graduate students in religion are members of the Student Government Association. Students, through their elected representatives, have an active part in decision-making in the Divinity School, including faculty development, academic policies, curricular issues, and community events. The Student Government Association sponsors a wide range of activities including the Convocation Picnic, community meals, community forums, and numerous other activities that are well attended by faculty and students.

Governing organization of the student body. Every student is a member!

  • President: Jacquelynn Morris  (813.833.8568)

    The purpose of SGA is: 1) to provide a form of representational government where community is fostered; 2) to serve as a liaison to/with the larger university community, this includes providing representatives to serve on VDS and University committees; 3) to be an advocate for student concerns to the administration and larger university; and 4) to allocate the annual student activity budget. 

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