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United Methodist Student Association

The United Methodist Student Association of the Vanderbilt Divinity School exists to provide opportunities for United Methodist Students by facilitating interaction, providing avenues for mutual support and spiritual formation, connecting to the structure and organization of the United Methodist Church, promoting social activism in the Vanderbilt and Nashville communities, and coordinating events for fellowship and fun. 

See also: Wesleyan Studies

Chair: Allison Gossett

Vice Chair: Craig Taylor

Secretary: Jana Hall

Covenant Disciple Coordinator: Michelle Harris

Covenant Disciple Coordinator: Gabe Horton

Ecumenical Relations Chair: James Shenko

Fellowship and Outreach Co-Chair: Erin Guzman

Fellowship and Outreach Co-Chair: Carlos Uroza

2nd Year Representative: Tamika Robertson

2nd Year Representative: Mindi Godfrey